Solutions for Gas Distribution

EMAC was founded in 1969 by Joe McCarthy Sr. in Allentown, PA. For over forty years, we have proudly represented manufacturers of gas distribution products and services, with a focus on markets across the Northeast. As a representative agency, we specialize in marketing, brand development, product sales and distribution, customer support, as well as a comprehensive range of product support services.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a portfolio of carefully chosen and highly complementary brands and products. For a complete list of manufacturers, we proudly represent, please visit our Product Lines page.

Our skilled team of trained sales and support professionals employ superior sales, marketing, and customer service skills to build and maintain relationships between manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, engineers, gas industry experts, and many other client groups. Outstanding customer satisfaction has been our founding goal for over forty years.

We proudly utilize a diverse range of technologies to facilitate the customer relationship management processes.

EMAC is a proud member of:

  • American Gas Association
  • Northeast Gas Association
  • Society of Gas Operators

Let’s work together.

Joe Mac & Paul Lamb