Product Lines

Gas Main Leak Repair
Anaerobic Sealants

Gas-Free Hot Tapping
¾”- 5” ALH Systems
Bonded Technology

Pipe Cutting and Breaking
Window Cutter for Steel Pipe
8”-60” Cutter for Gas Pipe
Cast Iron Pipe Cracker

Main Renewal & Abandonment
Live Mains Insertion
Mini Purge (Purging Mains)
Ergonomic Digging Tools

Gas Flow Stopping
Gas-Free PSI Bagging Off
Gas Bags

Gas-Free Service Tools
Meter Valve Changer
Service Terminator
CI Street Tee Abandonment

Water Removal
LP Gas Service Water Remover
LP Gas Mains Water Remover
Venturi Water Pump

PE Pipe Products
Supraflow Tapping Tee
Central Plastics Fittings
Hubble Gas Products
PE Pipe Wall Damage Indicator
PE Excavator Attachments
PLCS 2”-6” Coil Pipe Trailer
Pressure Test End Plugs
PE Pipe Pullers
Wire Mesh Pulling Grips

Gas Leak Pinpointing
Sensit Gas Detectors
Seize Free Road Drill Bits
Bar Hole Reinstatement
Rapid Gas Extractor

Unique Products for the Gas Distribution Engineer | 856.722.1333 | Catalog (PDF)

Since 1980 PLCS, LLC. has supplied the N. and S. American natural gas distribution industry with systems for sealing gas leaks, lightweight gas-free tapping machines, equipment for installing PE pipes and many other invaluable products.

Catalog (PDF)

SENSIT offers a variety of gas leak detectors and multi-function gas monitors to natural gas distributors, utility operators, gas pipeline operators and contractors worldwide.

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GF Piping Systems (Central Plastics) develops, produces and markets a comprehensive range of piping systems and components in a variety of materials used worldwide to transport water, gases and aggressive media. Delivery of the products – whether fittings, valves, measurement and control technology, pipes or jointing technologies – is always fast, flexible and dependable.

Catalogs, Brochures, Manuals

GasBreaker, Continental Industries and Lyall HGCA (Hubbell Gas Connectors and Accessories) is positioned to offer the most complete like of products in the industry, form mail to meter to midstream and transmission. The HGCS group has over 135 years of combined history serving the natural gas industry. This means you will receive superior quality, service and selection for years to come.