Compression Coupling Encapsulation

Do you have a lot of ¾”-2” steel main running at a maximum of 60 psi put together using barrel nut type couplings?

The Compression Coupling Encapsulation is a plastic mold system that permanently seals 3/4” to 2” metallic compression type couplings (i.e. NORMAC, Dresser Style 90).

The system seals compression couplings by first tightening the nuts to stop the leak and filling a plastic mold with our standard Series 6, which has been used all over the world at pressures up to 60psi for 30+ years. It is the only sealant that has passed British Gas LC8 specification (the toughest in the world) and the Cornell University/Wyle Labs tests for the New York Gas Group. Both specifications are meant to extrapolate to minimum in-ground use of 50 years under all known gas pipe and soil conditions.

There are 2 different size kits (in stock).

(1) #01-750 ¾”-1-1/4” kits include the sealant, necessary components, and gaskets to accommodate ¾”, 1”, and 1-1/4” couplings.
(2) #01-752 2”-1 ½” kits include the sealant, necessary components, and gaskets to accommodate 2” and 1-1/2” couplings.

A few companies using this method of encapsulation by the 1000’s:

  • Washington Gas- Since 2005 has purchased about 12,000+ of these repair kits with 100% success and has saved many $millions from their original estimation of $144 million to replace all the couplings. Their initial experience with the Compression Coupling Encapsulation is outlined in the attached document
  • PSE&G – NJ
  • Memphis Light Gas & Water, TN

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